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Bess, 16, London

Idk if I can be bothered with this blog as well as myfitnesspal, seems like too much effort

CW - 48.1kg, barely lost anything so I’ve eaten like way over calorie limit today to get out of this plateau because 0.2kg in 5 weeks is pathetic

Breakfast - cup of tea (10 calories)

Lunch - skipped

Dinner - 1/2 of Linda McCartney fish free scampi packet, 1/2 of egg fried rice pot
Dessert - 1 slice of melon
Dinner+dessert (383 calories)

Snacks - 1 cup of green tea with mint, 1 mug of low calorie hot chocolate, granola (486 calories)

Water intake - 12 cups

Exercise - 20 minutes of rounders (82 calories), 49 minutes of piano playing (122 calories), 112 minutes of striiv (760 calories)

I got into negative net but I should have had granola, my net could’ve been way lower..




i wish i lost weight as fast as i lose motivation 

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